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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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but there's thick fog as they've extensioned and you wanted to allow yourself extra time to deal with that. the morning chut looks good -- commute looks good on interstate 880. topping our news this morning, the africa giants are world champions once again after a 4-3 victory in extra innings to sweep the detroit tigers in the word series. >> got him looking! and the giants have won it all! >> pretty excited. sergio romo struck out triple crown winner miguel cabrera to enthe game in the 10th inning. at the top of the 10th it was marco scutaro with a big out tworks-out single to brought in the run. >> my team came through, first series, second series and now we stood the tigers and that's what i told my team, ploez, i don't want -- please, i don't want to be against the wall
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again. let's get rid of this quick. >> the giants second world championship in three years, they are the first national league to accomplish that feat since the cincinnati reds in the mid-1970s. now, a lot of players probably could have gotten it but giants 3rd baseman pablo sandoval was named most valuable player of the world series and coming up in about 14 minutes, the numbers he put up this most season and -- this postseason and the record he just fell short of reaching. >> people were very happy in san francisco but in some parts of the city the victory celebration turned into and ugly scene. >> we begin with ali. >> reporter: fortunately it was the kinds of damage that was eltifl easy to clean -- relatively easy to clean up. if you look here in the middle
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of the street, you can see a pile of garbage still out in the middle of the street. that was the burnt out contents of one of the many dumpsters that was lit on fire an on this stretch of road. so far, there are no reports of any businesses damaged in the mission neighborhood. this intersection, you can see open to traffic but it was a very different scene here a few hours ago. police lined the intersection of 16th and mission early this morning. they set up a command center of sorts, a lot of vehicles and a hundred officers at that intersection. we saw police make some arrests. and this was after fans and rowdy crowds set several dumpsters on fire in the middle of mission street. some of those dumpsters kept flaring up and smoldering for hours. >> we started around 24th and mission and here we are at 16th and mission and every block there were fires, in between the blocks, so quite a few fires. >> reporter: there are also many tipped over garbage cans
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and trash littering the street. the street department crews spent much of the night cleaning up the mess. the crowds that poured out into the streets after the giants victory numbered in the hundreds. >> it's fun in the beginning, but you know, the reason that i left the chaos was because a friend of mine was hit in the face with a beer can. and that's when it was just too wild. >> reporter: now, we saw one shop owner standing guard in front of his business early this morning making sure no one in that rowdy crowd was going to break his windows or vandalize his business. he said many of the people lighting these dumpsters on fire were wearing masks to cover their faces. if you take a look back out here live, you can see the pavement here is pretty wet. it's not because it's rained or anything. cpw crews have gone through with the street sweepers, they wet down the pavement, so they have made a lot of progress in
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cleaning up the mess that was out here. later on this morning, police are supposed to give us and update on how many people they arrested. live in san francisco, ali rasmus, ktvu. >> tara moriarty continues our team coverage. she's within a few blocks of at&t park. >> reporter: hundreds con verged on the ballpark last year and officers say this is the worst damage they've seen in africa ever. it extends from market street stott ballpark. we're here at third and bryant where these offices were targeted and take a look at the damage. overturned news stands, boltses shattered -- bottles is that theered. a man was assaulted when and angry mob started to turn the party into a riot. >> you can see all the glass. the fire department takes those up.
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but basically it was like 200 people and i couldn't stop them. >> reporter: you wish you had some police officers here to help? >> i wish i had and ak. >> reporter: police officers say onduty officers were outnumbered, the department was not adequately staffed to handle the mayhem. muni had to shut down rail service and people were jumping on top of the rail cars, setting fire, shooting off fireworks and it was too dangerous. but the giants' win did start as a celebration. [ cheering ]. >> reporter: in the marina district the crowd went wild on a winning pitch. people of all ages were dancing and singing in the streets. panda-clad fans marched with brooms signifying the sweep. they set fires on chestnut street and the champagne was flowing.
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>> people will start paying to the west coast -- paying attention to the west coast a little bit more. >> reporter: public works crews are still out in full force trying to clean up. no word on how much this will be costing the city. coming up, we'll tell but some outbreaks of violence we heard from several officers doing patrol. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu news. >> a viewer also sent us this view of a muni bus set on fire. no word on if anyone was hurt. things got out of hand near 7th and market streets in san francisco. one of our photographers took this video of people jumping on top of a muni bus. you can see one person who is a little bit scared making a phone call. another viewer sent us this video of a vehicle that was tipped over by fans. >> the city of san francisco
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will hold a victory parade for the giants. it is this wednesday, halloween, the ticker tape parade will begin at the foot of market street at 11 a.m. it will continue down market street to sisk center plaza. we have complete coverage of the world series on our website and steve paulson is going to talk about the weather for the parade. go to, click on our world series tab. hurricane sandy continues to barrel toward the east coast this morning shutting down schools, pass transit and the financial markets. >> this storm is moving slowly and bringing high volumes of rain. essentially, this is a hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter. >> up to 50 million could be affected by the storm that become the largest to ever hit the united states. here's a live picture from atlantic city in new jersey. forecasters say the center of the storm is expected to make landfall along the new jersey coast later today colliding with two other weather systems. that could create a super storm in and 800-mile area from the east coast to the great lakes.
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the powerful weather system is causing nightmares for air travelers across the country. airlines have canceled thousands of flight and amtrak is suspending train service. dozens of flights to the east coast are canceled this morning at sfo. . i never remember wul street shutting down but steve looked it up for me, it hasn't shut down since 1985 because of weather. >> wow. >> very big deal. we'll keep watching that. 4:48 is the time. let's check in -- i didn't want to go to bed. it's a sunday afternoon. >> it was hard to go to bed because even after the game was over, it was hard to wind down. but we're all happy. >> oh, yes. >> good morning, everybody and everyone and anyone who wants to be happy, go ahead and be happy. traffic does look good but the fog is going to be a factor. in case you haven't looked
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outside, it's a little foggy out there. you can see but i would say and extra five minutes, ten minutes this morning would really help you out. if you want to drive on the east shore freeway, you can only see a small portion here. normally we have this big sweeping view of the east shore but we don't this morning. the morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza is okay here. westbound coming into san francisco, getting into the city. and there are no major problems this morning on northbound 280 in san jose, that's right through downtown there, there are no problems in either direction. 4:39, let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. looking ahead to wednesday, looks mostly cloudy. system coming in late wednesday or thursday but i don't think it will dampen any spirits. near 60, mostly cloudy, might be some drizzle but no big deal. we do have a little bit of a change here in our pattern. that's very thick fog, dense fog advisory is out.
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the system is going to start working its way toward us wednesday and thursday. sunny and cooler. cooling trend really starts today but more likely on tuesday and wednesday. believe me, i could do and hour show on just the northeast storm but obviously we don't have time but it's and unprecedented historic cal system that's getting strong. there are some 40s in some areas where the pockets of that fog are really thick. look for sunny conditions after this really thick fog in the morning hours, that will take us to about 9:00. a little cooler but still nice, temperatures of 70s. it will be 60s, 70s and upper 70s today. this will be one of the warmest days of the week. more fog on tuesday, looks like some rain will make it on thursday. we'll clear it out friday and sunny and warmer for the upcoming weekend. nearly two dozen schools stripped of a key state ranking, the tests violations reported at schools across the
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state and here in the bay area. a group of new firefighting recruits start training in san jose today. we're going to tell you what is making that possible.
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good morning. we have very thick fog out there. fog advisory until 9:00 and it will be sunny for some. a little cooler, 60s and 70s 4:44 now, hurricane sandy is also have and impact on the presidential race. new this morning, president obama was scheduled to appear at a rally in orlando, fra, this morning, but just about 45 minutes ago, we got word from the white house that the president will not attend the orlando event and is, instead, returning to washington to oversee the government's emergency response to hurricane sandy. and mitt romney canceled campaign appearanceness virginia yesterday and events in new york -- i'm sorry, new hampshire tomorrow. today, romney is campaigning in ohio, iowa and wisconsin, both
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romney and obama campaigns say they will suspended their fundraising e-mails to voters on the east coast out of consideration for the storm's impact. hurricane sandy, its impact already being felt on the u.s. financial markets. there will be no trading on the floors of the new york stock exchange or the nasdaq today no. electronic trading on those markets, either. they could remain closed tomorrow as well but that decision will be made later today. people who live in treasure island can stop boiling their drinking water now. the tests show the water is now safe to drink. the san francisco public utilities commission says residents should flush their appliances and pipes first. that's after the water main broke on friday night. back to the world series coverage. as we mentioned earlier, giants 3rd baseman pablo sandoval was named world series mvp. the man nick named the panda hit .500 during the world
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series and in that big game 1 he hit three home runs. . >> had a great series. it was a big celebration at san francisco's sisk center last night where thousands gathered to watch the giants clinch the world series. [ cheering ] >> the champagne was flowing even though fans weren't supposed to have alcohol in the plaza. mayor ed lee said he wanted to give families the opportunity to cheer for the giants together. that was a great game last night. >> that was really nice. it was phenomenal. very exciting. although my 9-year-old daughter looked at the crowds at the sisk center before they won but watching the game said why aren't they just at home watching the game? >> no. there's a lot to be said about having your friends over who are giants fans or whatever. >> yes, have a little party. >> a little party there, a
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little intimate gathering but whatever way you did it, it was fun. if you are driving to work, be aware of the fog. we keep looking at this picture and normally, you know, if you look at this picture, we show you a kind of big wide sweeping view. we can see golden gate fields race track but today we could only see a few cars and i think a spider on the lens there. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we can see a little bit more but you can see what we're dealing with, the fog and clouds. westbound traffic is moving along pretty well and maybe there will be some cloud and fog and people stayed up too late last night. 101, the traffic is moving well. hello, steve. hello, sal. congratulations. >> thank you. nice to be a fan of a winning team for once. >> two out of three years. >> for twice, yes. >> all you ask for your team is once in your life. >> i know. we have systems coming by, it's already kinds of really rafrmd up the fog bank so it's going to be -- ramped up the
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fog bank so it's going to be extremely thick. this system in the east is just unbelievable. for those of you who have a barometer at home, the pressure is 941, which is 27. 79, we never see anything under 2910 here. this is and absolute mete meteorological event. wednesday looks mostly cloudy and it will be cooler but i don't think anybody will care. i think it will be nice but temperatures will be upper 50s, near 60 degrees with that low cloud. also halloween forecast because i listen to pam and i don't want the wrath of pam on me, mostly cloudy, breezy, the rain will hold off until thursday early early early. i do it for you. >> thank you. >> dense fog advisories are out. once the fog burns off, it will be sunny. 40s and 50s on the temps and temperatures today kind of
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recovering with a little bit more of a westerly breeze today so, slight cooling trend will take us and we'll see some of these clouds start to increase but not until late wednesday into thursday. very foggy, dense fog advisory. a little cooler today but still sunny and nice. just not as nice as it was on the weekend. this looks to be the warmest day of the week, no doubt about it. more fog, increasing clouds late wednesday. thursday looks like rain, cloudy with rain mainly in the north bay. clearing friday and sunny and warm by the weekend. 4:49 is the time. oakland police investigating two shootings. a man in his early 20s was shot on 72nd avenue. witnesses say the victim was shot multiple times. he was rushed to the hospital and is reportedly in critical condition. another man, critically wounded in a shooting on hill side street just before 5 :00
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last night, so far, no word on any arrests. the oakland police department. ktvu channel 2 news found some oakland police officers frequent a so-called karaoke bar where one place and executive has spent hundreds of dollars on expense. former alameda county sheriff plummer after looking at our surveillance video echoed the concerns. >> you had something really stinky in there. >> port of oakland executives were put on administrative leave after a report last week about the director of maritime's #45dz00 tab an at a -- $4500 tab at a houston strip club. ten people need a place to live after a fire destroyed their home. it happened around 8:30 last night on murtha drive. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for a minor
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complaint unrelated to the fire but no one inside the home was hurt. >> i went out and there's this big old flames and i'm like oh, my gosh, i went in the house and told the husband and kids, get out, there's a fire. >> the cause of the fire is still being investigated. nearly three dozen recruits will start the firefighting academy in san jose today. the recruits will bring the department closer to its staffing levels before the cut back. it's being paid for by and $8.6 million grant from fema. the california department of education has stripped 23 schools of a key state ranking due to cheating and other misconduct in administering standardized tests. it happened during the testing that is used to calculate a school's academic performance index or api, which is used to rank schools in the state. according to the "los angeles times," the violations range from failing to cover bulletin boards to coaching students
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with actual test questions or helping them correct errors. the global family school was cited for having reference material on the wall during testing. the east kroest is bracing for hurricane send. it's already done some damage in the southeastern u.s. what happened to passengers on board a disney cruise. plus, pulling and all-night tore get giants -- nighter to get giants world championship merchandise.
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take a look at that, a dream vacation on a disney cruise ship turned into a nightmare when it hit high surf from hurricane sandy near miami. the rough waves caused the merchandise to fall off shelves in the gift shop. one passenger says the high surf sent furniture flying across his room. disney has reportedly offered passengers a discount on a future cruise. we're going to have much more on the impact of hurricane send coming up in a live report at 5:09. well, some fans from san francisco traveled nearly 2500 miles and braved the very cold weather to see their giants win the world series. around 100 giants fans stayed in the stands following last night's victory over the tigers. they cheered on each player as
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they went into the locker room. hunter pence even stopped to interact with the fans and threw his hat into the crowd. >> pretty nice. workers at vf licensed sports group have been working through the night to get world championship t-shirts ready for fans. some va sports authority shorts will open early this morning. fans were already lining up outside of sports authority in san jose last night after the victory. >> i want to get one of those shirts. >> i think we all do. >> sal, you going to get one of those shirts? >> i think so. >> i got a sweatshirt. >> during the game, the series itself, i didn't want to get anything new because i was superstition. didn't want to change the ju ju. >> i saw you wore the same clothes. >> yes. >> so they can go in the
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laundry now? >> they are being washed. too much information, right? what i want to let you know, highway 17 has been a nice drive. it's not as foggy there, but steve and i have been on fog patrol. when you do get closer to san francisco, it's a little foggy. on the peninsula, traffic is moving along well. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. thank you. vehiclery parade looks mostly cloudy but it will be all right. some drizzle but overall, i think we'll be good to go. temperatures upper 60s to near 70 degrees. halloween night, looks like the rain will hold off until early thursday morning. 60s, 50s and upper 50s. 40s and 50s on our current temps right now of the a lot of fog out there right now. so a dense fog advisory has been posted and there's a component of a westerly breeze so temperatures will come down. some of the fog very thick and everything going up and over the ridge of high pressure but the ridge of high pressure is
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weakening, so the system is beginning to work its way toward us. and increase in the fog and some of that, the visibility is near zero. 60s and 70s today and again this looks to be the warmest day of the week by a mile. and then more fog on tuesday. then we cloud it up on wednesday. some rain makes it on thursday, not a big system, but i think it will make it. clearing on friday and sunny and warm by the weekend. coming up next, out east, mass transit and several major east coast cities shut down tid. that's as hurricane sandy moves toward a collision course with two our powerful weather systems. also the giants world series victory celebration turns ugly in parts of san francisco. the overnight vandalism and violence.
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got him looking the giants have won it all! >> an incredible season for the giants and world series sweep. san francisco celebrates this second championship in the past three years. >> a rowdy crowd sets fires that leave a big mess behind in the mission district after that giants' victory. >> apolune sister storm could


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